How Sezzle works?

Split your entire order into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. No fees if you pay on time with zero impact to your credit.

Example: If you are booking an order of amount Rs1000 on Bofrike then you just have to pay Rs250 today and the next payment you have to pay is of Rs250 on 2nd week, 3rd payment of Rs250 you have to pay on 4th week and the last payment of Rs250 you have to pay on the 6th week.

Your product will be Delivered to you way before even paying your 2nd week payment. So you can try your product by just paying Rs250 only. If you keep the product then you have to pay the rest of the amount in 3 payments within 6 weeks.

How it's better than COD?

Let’s say you want to buy products from Bofrike worth Rs 4000 via Cash on delivery. So instead of paying full amount at the time of delivery(within 3-7 days) you can just pay 25% of your total order i.e Rs 1000 today with Sezzle and get your order delivered(No extra amount to pay at time of delivery). Try your products. Select the one’s you want to keep and return other products. This all will be done before paying your 2nd payment.

Now let’s say you keep the three products and returned one of your product worth Rs 1000 so your 6th week payment of Rs 1000 will be cancelled because you returned one product. In this case you just have to pay Rs 1000 on 2nd week and Rs 1000 on the 4th week. That’s it. In total you paid Rs 3000 for three products.

In brief you ordered the products and paid just 25% of your total amount and tested the products before even paying anything extra. Once you are satified with the products then you can continue paying your payments for only those products.

Issue with COD?

In COD you have to pay full amount at the time of delivery and then you can do the selection of your products which you want to keep and which to return.