Hailing from Ludhiana, the Manchester of India, known for its textile and apparels industry, Bofrike was started in 2016. The name revolves around the word T-shirts,pointing it cut and clear that the company holds an expertise in manufacturing t-shirts, providing you with premium cotton fabrics and latest designs.

Bofrike is as young as its customers, trying to make its presence felt in the fashion and lifestyle industry, we bring the latest, trendiest, quirkiest, coolest and ultra-modern fashion designs for the youth. The company has been created and works on the principle of quality before everything. Therefore we serve our customers with nothing but the best.

Now Jon Snow might know nothing but we at Bofrike know what our customers want. With an assembly of products which is as cool as the Avengers and quirkiness coming from the youth’s everyday slang, we at Bofrike try to bring unbeatable fashion to our customers. And we take full pride in saying that all this quality rich fashion is brought to you at very affordable prices.

A lot of people doubt whether how come the products are priced so economically, well let’s say we got a little lucky with technology and in-house manufacturing on our side. With our direct-to-customer approach, we have almost eliminated all kinds of middlemen which helps us to save that extra buck of yours.

With an in-house team filled with experienced individuals, Bofrike knows nothing but quality work in every tiny detail of its products whether it’s the t-shirts, joggers, trousers, jackets or others from our range of products. The whole process from conception of design to printing and packaging is taken care of, by the company employees themselves hence we bring down the costs of our product to the bare minimum.

So be the carefree self that you are and shop with us at Bofrike, where quality is before everything and customer needs are taken care of. Buy the latest trends at affordable prices with no doubt of quality. We will be happy to have you in our never ending list of happy customers.